While organizing the drawing room in my studio, I found some classic tattoo flash a friend had given me some time ago. It was a set from The Zeis Studio, a graphic design, tattoo and equipment supplier in Rockford, Illinois. Packaged with a catalog of mail order lessons, machines and other items of the trade, it all came in an envelope post marked Nov. 14, 1969. I would guess my excitement easily rivaled that of the original addressee on the same date 44 years ago. After choosing a few sheets to frame and hang in the lobby, I set about redrawing some of the designs that I was most drawn to. My progress efforts are in the photo posted below. The goal is to complete a series of 6 images based on the designs Milton Zeis produced at his studio. I am using Mars 700 series technical pens, black ink and soft pastels. The finished drawings will be scanned and made available as prints on my Society6 page. 


From now until the end of December I will be offering great discounted prices on any traditional style/theme tattoo!

Adorn Your Corpse…in a traditional manner!

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2 thoughts on “Tradition

    • Hi Nate
      They were in rough shape, some of them torn all to hell; I framed the best ones. I’ll send you a couple sheets in the mail when I get a minute. Stop by if you are ever in Lafayette.

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